Wednesday, October 22, 2008

“I’m vexed, fuming; I’ve had it up to here…”

Well, I don’t know where to begin with the number of things that have got me going these last several weeks, so please indulge me as I go off on a number of subjects…

Is Alaska Socialist?!?
These talks of Barack Obama's (BO) policies on redistributing wealth leading us to socialism are simplistic and naïve -
BO’s tax policies (and I encourage everyone to read them) simply try to rollback the Bush tax cuts that have proven not to work. I wish the average American would wake up and not get caught up in the charade that they'll be paying more in taxes. Sadly, they believe that they fall in that <5%>Jesse Jackson, Would You Please Go Now (With apologies to Dr. Seuss and Marvin K. Mooney)

A lot has been said/done recently over Jesse Jackson’s recent remarks about potential changes to America’s foreign policy under an Obama presidency. Jackson believes that “Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades" would lose some of their influence with Obama in the White House, and that "decades of putting Israel's interests first" would come to a close.

So here’s the deal. I’d like to believe that these comments were either taken out of context, made up, or something, but since when did Jesse Jackson become a spokesperson or confidant for that matter with Barack and his foreign policy?!? But, the bottom line is that realizing the sensitive nature of a BO presidency especially given the concerns raised by folks in Florida and by others who still believe he’s Muslim, why would you even put yourself in a position to raise Israel as a hot-button issue. Why?!?

Unfortunately, this is just a pattern of disturbing history by Jesse Jackson especially as it relates to Barack’s ascendance in the political scene. It’s amazing to me that folks like Jesse Jackson, Sharpe James, Al Sharpton, and others are simply not ready or willing to let go of the mantle, still believing that they are the preeminent individuals to speak for and lead Black America. Unfortunately, what they have also failed to realize or do is simply evolve and keep up with the times and realize that the focus and priorities of our generation, our parent’s generation, and those younger than us have simply passed them by. They’re still mired in outdated tactics that simply are ineffective. You can’t tell me that something that worked in 1960’s is going to have the same amount of effect/impact in 2008. Now don’t get me wrong, racism IS NOT DEAD and definitely has an impact on our society today (despite the rhetoric against Rev. Wright). But, we’ve got to be smarter about how we respond and address these issues. We all know that Israel is a very “hot” and “sensitive” topic. So, why even bring it up?!?

Unfortunately, this smacks too much of the ol' “crab-in-the-barrel” analogy. Rather than rallying around an individual in our own race, we’ve got to disparage or put them in a defensive posture (can you say “friendly fire”). I just don’t get it. You’d think that in everything that has been said and done, the primary individuals who were “close” to Dr. King would be elated to see his dream coming to fruition and do everything in their power to support and assist. But, noooooooooooooo, instead, we’re worried about someone stealing our spotlight raising ridiculous claims over the “inability” to address “black issues”, which is simply straight up nonsense.

What is “victory” in Iraq?!?

Ummmm… what exactly is victory in Iraq?!? I know that at one point, McCain had a dream about what a future society in Iraq would look like but no one who is a proponent of this war has been able to explain in any detail what exactly victory in Iraq is or better yet, when we should get out and under what terms. As you may recall, on May 1, 2003, President Bush proclaimed “Mission Accomplished” ( indicating America’s victory over Iraq. And yet, five (5) years later, we’re still there. This is and was not the case after the first Persian Gulf War. We were very clear in our objectives and the administration and senior military forces realized the need to maintain the infrastructure of that society in order for us to be able to leave and move forward. Yet, this Administration didn’t learn or pay attention to this critical point in our STRATEGY.

We don’t even know why we’re still there and the reasons that we’re given are constantly changing... weapons-of-mass destruction, preserving the rights of the Iraqi people, terrorist cells, protection of the world’s global resources (i.e. oil), the need to restore democracy...I could go on.

It amazes me that this continues to be a contentious point on the campaign circle by those who are very passionate that we should not “cut and run” or not “surrender” and remain and fight the good fight until we are victorious (then again, it doesn’t amaze me considering that there is still a portion of our society still fighting the Civil War (see Yosemite Sam for reference)).

So, the next time someone tells you that… just ask them these very simple questions… “What is victory in Iraq?" "Would you sign up or send your son or daughter to fight?", and "When should we leave?!?”

Alright, I'm done.

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