Thursday, October 30, 2008


Will you posed some good questions on my last post. I agree that this is very complex and I'd have to dedicate some serious time to figure out what would work. I respect those who do it every day. I know its not easy so I wouldn't disrespect them by simplifying it. For me, the fact does remain that we do need to create a regulations that makes sense for today's global economy. We can get in the lab on that off-line.

Moving on....

During the debate, Tom Brokaw asked the candidates if they thought the ecomony would get worse before it gets better. Neither candidate was willing to be honest about that question. I understand why. Why take the risk? This is they type of thing that makes my earlier point about trust salient. Tell me what you think about this:

What if Obama gets elected, gives a speech and in the speech talks about the election process. He takes responsibility for not being completely honest about the economy getting worse before better for the reasons we all know, apologizes, and makes a pact with us that he's going to give it to us straight from this point forward. Part of his platform is based on being honest with the American people, telling us what we need to hear vs want to hear. And while no one expects him to be perfect, he can correct errors and make a sincere effort to move our politics in the direction we all know it should go. If we're the ones we've been waiting for, then we have to operate based on what we know to be true and proceed accordingly. Does anyone think taking a stance like this would be detrimental in the long run?

The #1 reason I believe Barack should do this is because its right. The second reason is because I believe he has to be transcendent while in office. That's a tremendous burden I know but that's what this time in calls for.

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Will Hill said...

I think this type of honesty would be safer in a second term. Even if he wins Tuesday there's still 2012 to worry about.

You are basically asking, can virtue and character truly override political necessity? Can you be real with the people and still win politically? If all voters were like us, yes keep it all the way real. But with Joe the Plumber and his cohorts out there, and people who actually like Sarah Palin, I'm not so sure the strategy, while noble, would be effective. Could be though.

I think at minimum what we'll get is the closest thing to that type of honesty that we've seen in a long time, maybe ever.